2017 Cantina Cup Regatta Results 

PHRF non-spin 

1st Place - Dark Star 3 points

2nd Place - Iris 7 points

3rd Place - Tignish 8 points

Flying Scot

1st Place - Steve Young 6 points

2nd Place - Baris Ornarli 13 points

3rd Place - Patrick Rottman 20 points

4th Place - John VieBrock 21 points


1st Place - Will Summers


1st Place - Vincent Andrews/Della Brant

2nd Place - Patrick Bloomstein/Amanda Johnson

3rd Place - Chris Saaybe/Eliza Pearce

4th Jill Eichner/Carol Tzu-Jou Wan

5th Derek Horst/Elizabeth Ashwell

6th Nicole Dydik/Katie McKenna

7th Mark Rickling/Megan Jungwiwattanaporn

8th Will Cooper/Megan Larkin

9th Laura Brunts/Liz Williams

10th Gavin Stephenson/Thekla Hansen-Young

11th Muieen Cader/Pierpaolo Grippa

12th Laura Brunts/Liz Williams

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