What is the Siebel Sailors Program?

The Siebel Sailors Program seeks to increase opportunity and diversity in the sport of sailing. By developing resources and offering support to youth sailors from all backgrounds we will work closely with Siebel Centers to develop skilled and life-long sailors who can participate in all aspects of the sport by providing access to equipment, athlete development resources, and expert coaching at public access sailing centers across the country. US Sailing and the Siebel Centers around the country are working together to create more equal access opportunities for youth. 

DC Sail has been selected as one of Primary Siebel Sailors Program facilities in the  United States. We're delighted to take a lead in the program and working with US Sailing and the other regional sailing centers that complete the mid-Atlantic representation of the Seibel Sailors Program.

Our Youth Sailing Programs are rich environments for STEM learning. Every time a student steps into a boat, pulls the tiller, or trims a sail they are experiencing powerful lessons. The weather above, the water below, and everything on the boat inbetween can provide daily, realworld science lessons. Connecting these handson, experiential learning experiences to educational objectives can open up a whole new world of learning and opportunity to both sailors and sailing programs. 

Please click here for a short, informative video regarding the Siebel Sailors Program.

Siebel Sailors Program is open to middle school age children 11 to 13 years old. Each session will have a total of 12 sailors engaging in training at DC Sail.

Training will take place at our Diamond Teague Park Piers dock location: 99 Potomac Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003. Please click here to view a Google Map of our location. 

Sailors will have access to a range of sailing experiences and boat types, with the RS Feva XL as the primary boat. Coach Janel Zarkowsky is our US Sailing provided Siebel coach, who will lead the program, providing instruction and mentoring to participating sailors.

The goal is to retain new sailors in the sport by starting with a solid foundation of seamanship and safe boating, and providing ongoing opportunities to develop racing, leadership, and career skills. This is an outstanding opportunity for DC youth and is offered at no cost to families who qualify for the scholarship.

Please click here to review the many benefits found when learning to sail!

DC Sail will be hosting afternoon sail training in both the Spring and Fall. The training is from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Parents will pick up their sailors at 7:00 PM or if sailors have permission to return home on their own, please note that in the registration forms. 

Dates for the Spring 2022 session will be each Wednesday afternoon, from late April ending with midJune 2022. Practices are held from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM. 

Please be aware participation in the program occurs only through our established partnerships with schools and youth service groups. This is so that we may accommodate the maximum number of sailors in a safe manner with the appropriate number of staff assigned for coaching support.

DC Sail looks forward to hosting these fun and informative training sessions of the Siebel Sailors Program and watching our youth blossom with each day on the water! 

How to Register:

Step One:

Please scroll down on the page and click on the link in the red box. Please add parent contact information at the top of the form. There will be a space for adding your child's information lower on the form. Siblings that fall within the age range of 11 to 13 are welcome. (The link will be available when registration is opened in Spring 2022.)

Step Two:

Please click here to launch the Siebel Sailors Program hard copy registration forms. Please complete the forms and deliver to Coach Janel the first day of training. We are unable to receive emailed forms as we require the hard copy originals with signature to be held on file.

For all inquires, please contact:

Janel Zarkowsky

Siebel Sailors Program Coach

US Sailing

Mobile: (410) 562-4164

Email: janelzarkowsky@ussailing.org.

(*Photos courtesy of Janel Zarkowsky/US Sailing Head Coach)

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